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Get instant cash using your quality goods as collateral.

How does it work

Borrow cash instantly using your quality Goods as collateral. We trade in high quality second hand goods, therefore we can pay better prices and charge lower interest fees than other pawnbrokers.

Simply pledge your quality goods, collect your cash and then redeem them within the loan period! A Pawn contract runs for 1 calendar month and attracts an interest rate of 30%.

Why Cash Advantage?

We are Darwin’s most experienced pawnbroker (since 1988) with locations servicing Palmerston and the Darwin city region, making it easier to access fast cash from people you can trust! It doesn’t matter which store you go to, you will be catered for in a professional friendly way.

Awesome Discount Deal: For ALL loans over $100: Pay just 10% interest if you pick up your goods within 10 days, pay 20% when it is under 20 days! SAVE SAVE SAVE when it's short term!

Stock Disposal

We acquire new stock every day so be sure to visit one of stores to find a quality bargain. You can even check out our eBay store, or Gumtree Listings. which are stocked daily.

ID Requirements

Northern Territory legislation requires any current photographic government issued ID such as:

  • Drivers License (any state or territory)
  • Passport
  • Evidence of Age
  • Larrakia Nation Card
  • Government issued identification e.g. ADF or Crowd Control License

If you have nothing photographic then you may provide 2 non photo government issued secondary ID cards such as:

  • Centrelink Health Care or Pension Cards
  • Birth Certificates/ extracts
  • Medicare Card

For new and interstate clients we ask for proof of local residence if using interstate identification.

Frequently asked questions

How does a pawn work?

A pawn is another term for a collateral based loan. Pawnbrokers lend money on items of value ranging from gold jewellery, tablets, flat panel TVs, household items and more. Loans are based on the value of the collateral pledged. To receive their goods back, customers pay back the amount they initially borrowed plus a fee. You may also choose to surrender your collateral as payment in full. Pawn shops may offer extensions and renewals where additional interest is charged.

How much should I expect for a loan on my item?

Loan amounts vary according to the value of the item. Your loan amount will be determined according to factors such as demand and condition of the item.

Is Cash Advantage regulated?

Yes, we are 100% compliant of the Pawnbroker and Second-hand Dealer Legislation Part 14 of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Act.

Do most pawn customers lose their stuff?

At least 80 percent of all our pawn loans are repaid. Repeat customers make up a majority of our business, similar to any other lending or retail establishment. We are all about establishing good relationships with our customers, often having them pledge the same item a multitude of times.

Why would someone go to a Cash Advantage to get a loan?

Cash Advantage offers a quick, easy and confidential way to borrow money. A short-term cash need can be met with no credit check or legal consequences if the loan is not repaid. Where other lenders require a discipline for the borrower to maintain their financial stead, we do not cause you to overextend credit or go into bankruptcy.

How do you determine the value of the item?

We base the value of the item on current appraised value, its current condition and the ability to sell the item. We use many online research tools that we have to our disposal to determine an item’s value and get you the most money for the item. The appraisal process varies depending on the type of item—for example, jewellery is evaluated differently than a tool item.

How can I be sure the merchandise I buy at a Cash Advantage isn’t stolen?

Less than one tenth of one percent of all pawned merchandise is identified as stolen goods. [one in 1000!!!] That’s because customers must provide positive identification and a complete description, (including serial numbers) of the merchandise. All of this information is cross referenced with Territory police data bases on a regular basis, which dramatically decreases the likelihood that a thief would bring stolen merchandise to a pawn store. Put simply dodgy people avoid us!

Local people you can trust

Cash Advantage has been funding Territorians since the 80's! We back up our safe and trusted products with professional and friendly service.

Low 10 day 10% Interest for all Pledges over $100

You won't find a better deal anywhere in Darwin!

New Lending Agent Coming Soon

We are currently in the process of finding a new lender for our MACCs and SACCs, thank you for your patience.

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